IDEAS = Institute for Development, Evaluation, Assistance & Solutions

IDEAS = Instituto de Desarrollo, Evaluación, Asesoría y Soluciones

IDEAS Institute-for-Development,-Evaluation,-Assistance-&-Solutions

IDEAS exists to help resource-poor people around the world get the tools and skills they need to build secure and sustainable futures for themselves, their families and their communities. We do this by helping to improve the organizations that provide microfinance or economic  development services. These include NGOs, microfinance institutions, MFI networks, social enterprises, for-profits, development organizations, and other socially responsible institutions.


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Job Available: Seeking a COO

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) manages the international operations that are the precedent-setting economic development work, impact investing, evaluation, and many other services on this website. The COO helps sell services, does fundraising (donations and impact investment), produces media, and manages consultants in multiple countries. COO coordinates strategy with our CEO, Dr. Carter Garber.The candidate must be a creative, entrepreneurial, and experienced in consulting. Must be fully bilingual (Spanish and English) & have a graduate degree. Needs at least 7 years of administrative experience with entrepreneurial non-profit or for-profit. Should have at least 10 years of experience of working in developing countries and communities.  While this remote work can be accomplished anywhere, there is a preference for being in the US or Mexico. For detailed information on this part-time, flexible position and how to apply, see the Jobs page.

COO Job Opportunity

Our newest program is improving the economics of Central American refugees in Mexico. We are pioneers in promoting lending and training to new immigrants as microentrepreneurs. We combine impact investing with donations to make refugees economically stable and serving others with business services.

Impact investing has been our specialty since 1978. We provide consulting and evaluations.  We are skilled in impact evaluations for investors, impact funds, social enterprises and grassroots organizations. We help them measure and manage the type of impact they seek. We understand financial institutions, as we have helped create five. Review some of the consulting we have done for impact investment funds. We have many years doing impact evaluation and have created tools. We are social entrepreneurs and have created 15 enterprises of different types. We were pioneers in social performance management. IDEAS has taught evaluation methodologies in many venues. We are experts in a variety of evaluation methodologies that we do and teach others to do. Catalytic financing is important to make impact investing work.

We provide a variety of consulting services, including solar energy for families, solar rooftop financing, microfranchising, market research, business development, rural finance, and strategic planning.

Our Training Services: We are experts in building the capacity of women and youth to be trainers and consultants. We train low-income practitioners and those with graduate degrees in a wide variety of evaluation methodologies. We provide many training services, including women’s microenterprises, youth entrepreneurship, and institutional development. Using our experience and knowledge, we do microfranchising training. Members of our team are professors at the graduate level and we have created three academic programs. We have created a dozen academic courses that we have taught to graduate students and practitioners.

IDEAS is partially self-sustaining. Please consider donating online to help fund our innovative new programs, train new consultants, and create new social enterprises, and evaluate impact. Or, please mail a check to IDEAS, 1702 Dancing Fox Road, Decatur, GA 30032.

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