Financial Inclusion Course for Micro-entrepreneur Migrants

Latin American Migrants and Returnees in Puebla

Training Methodology

This training course emphasizes personal and business economics and finance principles. Through this support, the financial strengthening of the migrant micro-entrepreneur population is promoted through weekly classes. Our syllabus focuses on topics of savings, investment, debt, taxes, remittances, and inflation, with the goal of acquiring a culture and making better financial decisions. The sessions are four hours long, once a week for 8 weeks.

Services Offered in the Course

To migrants and returnees:

  1. Educate about the concept of micro-businesses, placing migrants as a critical element in their training process.
  2. Induction courses to identify skills and competencies for forming a micro-entrepreneur.
  3. Provide the necessary tools for micro-businesses to have adequate financial solidity that makes them sustainable in the long term.
  4. Participate in specialized consultancy processes where migrants receive training to financially strengthen their micro-business.
  5. Promote the savings culture of migrant and returning micro-entrepreneurs.


To governmental organizations (government offices):

  1. Raise awareness about the promotion of micro-business through financial education.
  2. Recognize the economic and social potential of migrants and returnees, to favor their impact on the economy and local development in host communities.
  3. Provide education and information to regulatory bodies and financial service providers on how to expand services to migrant and returnee micro-entrepreneurs.

Associations or non-profit organizations supporting migrants:

  1. Develop collaborative synergies to contribute to the strengthening of collective actions in the migrant sector they serve. Share information of interest to guide and support returning and migrant individuals.
  2. Establish formal alliances, through letters of understanding and/or agreements.

Specific benefits for participants in the course:

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STRATEGIC ALLIES (list in formation):

  • Fuerza Migrante
  • Puente Ciudadano
  • Programa Casa Refugiados, A.C (PCR)
  • Society for Migrant Aid – Hebrew (in English Hebrew Migrants Aid Society- (HIAS)



Daniel Chávez Villegas

Economic and Financial Inclusion IDEAS-Mexico in Puebla

Elvia Ruiz Sánchez

Financial Inclusion Administration IDEAS-Mexico

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