Welcome. Please see the three jobs that IDEAS currently has open.

1. Bilingual Fundraiser assisting immigrant microentrepreneurs in Mexico

Remote part-time Job Description

The Institute for Development, Evaluation, Assistance & Solutions (IDEAS) invites passionate individuals to become our Fundraising Specialist. This role focuses on crafting compelling proposals, directly reaching out to foundations and donors, and achieving an effective fundraising strategy. Join our international team and make a tangible difference to the financial sustainability of IDEAS’ projects on the economic and financial inclusion of low-income people.

The ideal candidate will have a flair for persuasive bilingual writing, the ability to foster relationships with foundations and potential donors, and the strategic mindset to design and implement successful fundraising campaigns. The candidate will supervise a team of Mexican fundraisers in Spanish.

IDEAS is an innovative international NGO that has worked for 45 years across four continents in sustainable economic and enterprise development. For over three and a half decades, it has provided consultancy services in 13 Latin American countries. While based in Puebla and Mexico City, our virtual and hybrid strategy reaches entrepreneurs across Mexico and beyond.

The focus of the IDEAS team in Mexico is to assist migrant microentrepreneurs.

Our first population: migrants from Latin American countries who have official permanent residency status and are growing their microenterprises in Mexico.

Our second population: Mexicans who have been working in the US and have returned after many years to create a business or the families that are that are supporting their now bi-national families. Both these populations have significant difficulties in obtaining full economic and financial inclusion in the Mexican economy. IDEAS has significant skills in training and technical assistance that are improving their abilities to succeed. Most entrepreneurs are women who face even greater challenges.

IDEAS has many formal and informal organizational allies that are assisting us with this important, innovative, and precedent setting work. IDEAS works with financial institutions to learn how to help the populations to achieve economic inclusion and financial inclusion.

Hiring Organization: The Institute for Development, Evaluation, Assistance, and Solutions   (IDEAS) is a very creative international non-profit. We approach problems in an entrepreneurial manner. We have created 15 social enterprises and 5 inclusive financial institutions focused on community economic development. Our services include training, technical assistance, publications, and evaluation. https://ideasnet.org/ or https://ideasnet.org/es/  Our financial inclusion program in Mexico: https://bit.ly/ideasmicro   Training in Mexico: https://bit.ly/ideasactions

Objectives of this Fundraising Role

  • Implement and develop a comprehensive international fundraising strategy.
  • Write impactful proposals to garner support from a variety of potential donors.
  • Supervise other fundraising consultants focusing on Mexican and US donors.
  • Ensure alignment of fundraising activities with the training, technical assistance, writing other projects of the IDEAS team in Mexico.


  • Craft compelling fundraising proposals for a variety of potential donors.
  • Strategize and execute successful fundraising that highlights our significantly different approach to the challenges of financial stability of businesses of immigrant and Mexican families in Mexico.
  •  Respond to fundraising opportunities in Mexico, USA, Canada, and the European Union.
  • Multiply the number of proposals that IDEAS has been creating with organizational partners to apply jointly to funding sources.
  • Supervise a team of Mexican fundraising consultants.
  • Directly engage with individuals and businesses to achieve contributions and partnerships.
  • Collaborate with our team doing training and technical assistance to the two populations in Mexico as well as with our international HQ to ensure messaging consistency and effectiveness.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Proven experience in creating successful proposals and direct outreach.
  • Exceptional writing and speaking communication skills in Spanish and English.
  • Strong abilities in strategic adaptation of proposals in constantly changing Mexican and international environments.
  • Passion for the entrepreneurial mission of IDEAS in Mexico and internationally
  • Creation of new approaches and ability to lead a team of other fundraising consultants.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and inspire a team of Mexican consultants and volunteers to get achieve resource development to meet objectives.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent in experience) in communications, marketing, enterprise development, international relations, or a related field.
  • Experience in donor relations and fundraising strategy development.
  • Familiarity with donor management systems.
  • Experience with social media to stimulate interest and support fundraising work.
  • Having worked with populations that are migrants or disadvantaged financially.
  • Familiarity with economic and financial inclusion, including microfinance.
  • Familiarity with refugee issues and Mexico.

Remote consultant work within Mexico or US

Flexible hours from own remote office in Mexico or the US. Approximately 20 hours/week with flexibility. Responsibilities and time could grow when fundraising is successful.


Based on relevant experience and commensurate with your previous compensation. The flexible part-time will be negotiated based on the amount of time the individual has available and our needs.

Join us and play a pivotal role changing the lives and businesses of immigrants in Mexico, while in ensuring the financial health of IDEAS to continue this innovative work.

Application Instructions

Please send a brief cover letter explaining how your experience fulfills or exceeds our requirements. Attach a CV in English or Spanish and a writing sample in English of a grant proposal to getinvolved@ideasnet.org  (We can guarantee the confidentiality of any information in the sample proposal.) Any questions should be sent by email.

2. Part-time Chief of Operations (in Mexico)

We are seeking a bilingual professional (Spanish-English) with administrative experience. The Chief Operations Officer (COO) does fundraising (donations and impact investing), organizational development, and bookkeeping oversight. Supports and is involved in the creative programmatic activities of IDEAS. Part-time with the possibility of growth.

Due to the growth of our work, we are limiting the search to persons residing in Mexico.

The Institute for Development, Evaluation, Assistance, and Solutions (IDEAS) is a creative international non-profit. We have worked on four continents for 45 years. IDEAS uses an entrepreneurial approach to community economic development. We have created 15 social enterprises and five inclusive financial institutions. We assist NGOs and for-profits to pursue a triple bottom line (financial sustainability, social change, and environmental improvement). IDEAS supports social enterprises and impact investing to achieve the Social Development Goals.

Our services include consulting, training, teaching, and evaluation. We use many evaluation methodologies, including impact evaluation. https://ideasnet.org/impact-investing-evaluation/

We facilitate inclusive financial services and training to Central American immigrant entrepreneurs in Mexico along with impact investment to increase the number of borrowers. See details: https://ideasnet.org/central-american-immigrants/

The position: COO oversees administration and fundraises (donations, catalytic capital, and impact investments). Must be a self-starter, creative and entrepreneurial in selling our services. COO works on our programmatic work with Dr. Carter Garber, the IDEAS CEO www.linkedin.com/in/cartergarber.  Supports associate consultants who are essential team members. https://ideasnet.org/about-us/

Required qualifications:

  • Must work at a professional level in both Spanish and English.
  • Have a Masters, MBA or doctorate degree
  • At least 7 years of administrative experience with entrepreneurial NGOs or for-profits
  • At least 10 years of experience of working in developing countries and communities
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial experience as IDEAS creates and assists social enterprises
  • Experience in selling services such as consulting, training, and evaluation
  • Some experience of coordination of professionals like consultants in paid projects
  • Excellent writing skills in both languages for reports to clients, articles, and publications
  • Please do not apply if do not have these required qualifications or their equivalent

Preferred qualifications:

  • Knowledge of our skills like evaluation, impact investment, and inclusive finance
  • Work on some of the types of programmatic activities that are described on our website
  • Experience with IRIS+ or other system of impact measurement and management
  • QuickBooks experience for oversight of bookkeeping
  • Experience with Software we use: WordPress, Mailchimp, YouTube, Microsoft Office
  • Social media skills

Metrics of success in first 12 months (draft): Help raise $500k in impact investments and $300k in catalytic donations for our Central American immigrants’ program. Sell 4 evaluations or consultations. Coordinate with international Associate Consultants. Up-to-date finances with bookkeeper. Maintain bilingual website & improve social media.

Works flexible hours from own remote office in US, Mexico or Central America. The HQ is in Atlanta, Georgia, US but there is no expectation to work there. Approximately 20 hours/week with flexible hours. Hours and responsibilities could grow when fundraising is successful.

Compensation is based on relevant experience and commensurate with your previous pay level. May choose to be a consultant or a US employee (both are the same amount). The part-time total will be negotiated based on the amount of time the individual has available and our needs.

Recruitment: We work in teams of people from many countries. For 4 decades we have had a diverse team, composed mainly of women and persons of color (BIPOC is the current US acronym for Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Position open until filled. Planned start date about the end of October.

Application: Please send an email that explains how your experience fulfills our requirements. Attach a CV and a professional writing sample to getinvolved@ideasnet.org. Please email your questions. Please do not start the communications by a phone call or text.

For information on the job, see https://www.ideasnet.org/jobs/

Website: https://ideasnet.org

You may apply to be an Associate Consultant: If you would like to be one of our consultants, please send an email with CV to getinvolved@ideasnet.org. Info at https://ideasnet.org/get-involved/become-a-consultant/