The following are job opportunities at IDEAS:

Part-time Chief Operating Officer of IDEAS

We are seeking a bilingual professional (Spanish-English) with experience in administration, fundraising, organizational development, and bookkeeping oversight. Preference will be given to those with knowledge in impact investment, evaluation, and finance. Will support the programmatic activities of IDEAS, a small international entrepreneurial non-profit that has worked on 4 continents during 40 years. Needs to be able to sell services listed on this website. With demonstrable abilities as a creative entrepreneur has the ability to support the associate consultants. Works flexible hours from home office in US or Latin America.

Join the IDEAS team as it continues community economic development using an entrepreneurial approach. Help its work to accomplish the triple bottom line of financial sustainability, social change, and environmental improvement. IDEAS supports impact investing and social enterprise initiatives to accomplish the Social Development Goals.

Support IDEAS consultants’ expertise in multiple evaluation methodologies, including impact evaluation. IDEAS is a pioneer and innovator in impact investing, microfinance, microfranchising, gender, training, and graduate level teaching. 

The position: COO oversees administration and fundraising (donations, catalytic capital, and impact investments). Must be a self-starter who is able to be creative in finding multiple types of resources for IDEAS and its allies. COO works closely with Dr. Carter Garber, the IDEAS CEO, and team members in current and future programs. COO develops the social media presence, website using WordPress, youtube channel, and publications. QuickBooks experience is a plus. COO supports all the programs including the precedent setting economic development work with the Central American immigrants in Mexico.

Essential qualifications: Must work at a professional level in both Spanish and English. A Masters or doctoral degree is required. Needs at least 7 years of administrative experience with entrepreneurial non-profit or for-profit. Should have least 10 years of experience of working in developing countries and communities. Please do not apply if not qualified.

Compensation will be based on relevant experience. COO provides own equipment, but all direct expenses will be reimbursed. May choose to be salaried or be a consultant with same amount.  Starts approximately October 20th.

Recruitment: IDEAS will continue its 4-decade practice of having a diverse international team composed mainly of minorities and women. 

Application: Please send a cover letter highlighting relevant experience, a CV, and a professional writing sample to Please email questions. Please do not start the communications by a phone call or text.

Associate Consultants Welcome

If interested in assisting in IDEAS innovative programs but are not able to apply as the COO, please write us about being an associate consultant or advisor at